Celebrating These Published Authors!

They Discovered How Publishers Thought; They Delivered What Publishers Wanted.

"My book, How to Preach Life-Changing Sermons, will be published with Kregel Academic. A few times in the process I wanted to quit and just self-publish my book. However, your constant encouragement pushed me to finish revising my proposal. Margot, my dream came true because of YOU.”

Dr. Jesse L. Nelson, Author of How to Preach Life-Changing Sermons
"I wanted you to be among the first to know that I am about to sign a 2-book contract with Thomas Nelson! I truly believe that God used you and your wisdom during the proposal process to make this happen. Several elements of the proposal that allowed them to catch the vision were things that you helped to shape."

Nicole Zasowski, Author of From Lost to Found

Wordmelon helps writers discover how publishers think
so that they can deliver what publishers want.

"Not only have I written a proposal but it was accepted and I have signed a contract. Thanks so much for your wonderful seminar. Not only was it clear and information-rich, your warm, encouraging presentation made it seem much less scary than I had imagined. Without your session, I doubt I would ever have attempted it at all."

Megan Hill, Author of Praying Together
"This. Is. SO. Amaing. Seriously! I found myself nodding to every suggestion you made. You're simply amazing. What you teased out of my manuscript is so rich and you've really helped me to clarify my thinking. So grateful for you!

Nona Jones, Author of Success From the Inside Out

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