Are You a Woman Who's a Christian Communicator of Color?

If you're a woman who's a Christian Communicator of color, I want to make sure you know about Entrusted Women. They explain:

Entrusted Women exists to increase and create opportunities for Christian women communicators of color through ongoing training, supportive community, exposure and access to resources and information. As a program offering of Resilient Hope Media, LLC, Entrusted Women supports, equips and connects Christian women communicators of color.  We do this through:  
  • Exclusive Influencer Interviews
  • Ongoing Prayer & Encouragement
  • Annual Retreats
  • Monthly Workshops
  • Book Clubs
  • & Collaborations With Publishers
Wordmelon and Entrusted women have a similar mission: we want you to support you so that you can reach your publishing goals!

How to Connect With Entrusted Women...

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