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You can be set free.

Every one of us—raised in homes that some would call “bad” and in homes that many would call “good”—had needs that weren’t met. Maybe a parent forgot to pick us up at soccer practice. Or maybe we endured harm, for years, by a family member.


Based on our experience, we may have naturally reasoned, “I’m not worth showing up for” or “All men are dangerous.” We jumped to the wrong conclusions. And today, the tender parts that were born inside us—when our needs weren’t met—continue to carry those faulty beliefs, impacting our relationships today.


But when these parts receive the care they need, when we help them by replacing the lie with what is more true, we can be set free.

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When pain from the past interferes with the present, this guided workbook  is a tool for readers to seek healing from early hurts.


This 365-day devotional features a half-page reading for each day, as well as a corresponding Scripture and brief sticky affirmation.

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