About Margot

Margot, adopted as an infant, is mom to 3 young-adult humans by birth and adoption.

She's passionate about racial justice and believes there's real traction for understanding when moms listen to other moms.

In Durham, North Carolina, Margot lives in the beautiful North Street Neighborhood, a community built around friends with disabilities.

On Saturday mornings you're likely to find Margot riding her bike or rollerskating on American Tobacco Trail. (She'll be the one eating an Egg McMuffin as she rolls.) Earbuds in, she'll be listening to Earth, Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder, or Marvin Gaye.

Off the trail, Margot enjoys creating with paint, fabric, video, and more. 


A peek at the decor in Margot's home will signal that she's a fan of both Wonder Woman and Wonder Bread. Her wall of heroes includes Sister Corita Kent, Bree Newsome, Father Oscar Romero, Nelson Mandela, Skate Mama, Bryan Stevenson, and John McClendon, among others.

The holy words God spoke to Margot's heart--that are now emblazoned on the side of her home, on its walls, and in her deep places--are, "I am for you."