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Equipping Writers to Craft Winning Proposals and Build Better Books

Crafting a Proposal?

Wordmelon's Nonfiction Book Proposal Bundle gives you all the secrets and strategies you need to help a publisher say YES to your book proposal...

  • "Nonfiction Book Proposals That Help Publishers Say Yes" VIDEO

  • "Cover Letters That Shine" VIDEO

  • "Cover Letters That Shine" EBOOK

  • All the Slides in the Video (PDF)

  • Nonfiction Book Proposal Template (Word Document

  • Sample Nonfiction Book Proposal (PDF coaching doc)

  • Titling Your Book Effectively (PDF coaching doc)

  • Book Proposal Review Checklist (PDF coaching doc)

  • 3 Things Every Publisher Must See (PDF coaching doc

  • Wordmelon (Annotated) Nonfiction Book Proposal Guide 

  • Crafting Your Premise Statement (PDF coaching doc)

“Margot Starbuck offers a comprehensive masterclass in crafting a successful nonfiction book proposal. Her specific tips, proven strategies, and professional templates remove the mystery of how to write and submit a strong proposal.”

Patricia Alderman

"Margot is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and 100% on your team. Margot offered invaluable input for both of my book proposals and I'm confident this course will help you to successfully navigate the book-proposal maze.”

Dorothy Littell Greco

 "Margot provides a clear and thorough roadmap through the book proposal process."

Melanie Weldon-Soiset

Peek at What You'll Get...

Building a Book?

In our “Build Your Book Blueprint ™ bundle, you receive:

  •  Our  Video Webinar, introducing you to the 8 steps that will help you build your book

  • Our  "Build Your Blueprint ™ Ebook, that further unpacks what you learned in the webinar

  • Your own "Build Your Blueprint ™ Workbook,  where you will create your own custom blueprint that will guide you as you build your nonfiction book


"I bought your Build Your Nonfiction Book bundle and your information has been super helpful to me. I need to make sure I’m weaving the premise into every one of the chapters, and it’s easy to lose sight of that when you’re steeped in the details. I also love the advice you have about developing a chapter guide. So good."
Deborah Gonzalez

"I wanted to thank you again for helping me with the editing on my sample chapter. I'm excited to share that the publisher liked my chapter submission and gave me a book contract.


I have already been going over some of your material I bought in your Build Your Nonfiction Book bundle. It's been extremely valuable!"
Connie Clark, PhD


Peek at What You'll Get...

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