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Writing Teacher


Teaching Experience

  • Calvin Festival of Faith and Writing

  • Publishing in Color

  • Compel Author Training

  • Writing for Your Life Conferences

  • Nona Jones School of Success, Author School

  • Chrystal Evans Hurst's Sister Circle Cohort

  • Emily P. Freeman's Hope Writers Podcast

  • Renew Writers Conference

  • Duke Divinity School's "Race, Biography, and Identity" Course

  • Project Turn's Biography Class

"When I first started writing all I wanted was for a publishing veteran to sit me down and say 'Listen: here's what you need to do.' Margot does exactly that—with friendliness, savvy, humor, clarity, and grace. Gone is the foggy mystery of publishing: here is your one-stop guide to delivering what publishers are looking for."

                               -Sarah Arthur

Popular Teaching Topics

  • Crafting a Winning Nonfiction Book Proposal

  • Building Your Best Book

  • 3 Things Every Publisher Must See to Say "Yes" (And How to Deliver!)

  • Meeting the Reader's Felt Need

  • "Show, Don't Tell"

  • Build Your Platform (When You Don't Want to Build Your Platform)


  • Academy of Christian Editors

  • Redbud Writers Guild

  • Advanced Writers and Speakers Association

What Others Are Saying...

Sarah Arthur, Author

"What a great job you did for the Calvin Festival of Faith and Writing workshop on book proposals. I am working with a friend who has a book he's writing and your clear and very engaging presentation was a huge help as I help him guide his writing and proposal. Thank you so much!!!"

Marcia Bosscher

I wanted to thank you for your most excellent presentation. Of all the presentations, yours stood out as exemplary.  


P.S. Not that you would but you should not take my compliments as some off handed fluff. As a business-guy and adjunct professor I really do appreciate it when people pursue excellence in what they do.

Bill Ramshaw

"I attended your Nonfiction Book Proposal workshop at the Festival of Faith and Writing. I greatly appreciated the information that you so freely dispensed. You examples were clear, and your points straightforward. Including participants, always a risky option, really helped drive home your points.
Most of all, I thank you for your wonderful spirit and enthusiasm."

Bruce Stambaugh

"Margot is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and 100% on your team. Margot offered invaluable input for both of my book proposals and I'm confident this course will help you to successfully navigate the book-proposal maze.”

Dorothy Littell Greco

"Thanks so much for your wonderful seminar. Not only was it clear and information-rich, your warm, encouraging presentation made it seem much less scary than I had imagined.  Without your session, I doubt I would ever have attempted it at all."

Megan Hill

"Your lesson on writing a book proposal was SO HELPFUL on Compel. Thank you!"

Dr. Johnnie K. Seago

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