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Margot (rhymes with "Gogo"), a graduate of Westmont College and Princeton Seminary, is a New York Times bestselling writer of more than thirty books. She's touched over 200 major publishing projects as author, writer, coach, and editor. She especially treasures the privilege of writing alongside athletes, entertainers, and overcomers.

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“A tremendous THANK YOU! As busy as my life is, I simply could not have completed this 50,000 plus word project without the amazing assistance of the superbly talented writer and visionary that you are."

Rashad Jennings, Dancing With the Stars champion and NFL Player, author of The If in Life

“You are the exact person to be on this journey with me—not just from a writing perspective but because you have this strong unique gift of encouragement. Today, and many times talking to you or emailing with you, that confidence has been confirmed.”

Chrystal Evans Hurst, Author of She's Still There and Show Up For Your Life

"I wanted you to be among the first to know that I am about to sign a 2-book contract with Thomas Nelson! I truly believe that God used you and your wisdom during the proposal process to make this happen. Several elements of the proposal that allowed them to catch the vision were things that you helped to shape."

Nicole Zasowski, Author and Therapist

"Margot!!!! This. Is. SO. Amazing. Seriously! I found myself nodding to every suggestion you made. I love this and look forward to getting started on re-shaping the story.  You’re simply amazing. What you teased out of my manuscript is so rich and you’ve really helped me to clarify my thinking."

Nona Jones, Author of Success From the Inside Out


"I  had to reach out and personally thank you for the amazing edits you made on my book, Grit Don’t Quit. Your voice and insight is always so wonderful."

Bianca Olthoff, Author of Grit Don't Quit



FOR PUBLISHERS: Margot works with contracted authors to help them build a book that serves readers.

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