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Margot (rhymes with "Gogo") is a New York Times bestselling writer who has written dozens of books and worked with publishers on hundreds of major publishing projects as a writer, editor, and coach. She especially enjoys writing alongside athletes, entertainers, and overcomers.  And Margot specializes in helping writers get published by equipping them to craft winning book proposals and books.

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Want to get published?


“You are the exact person to be on this journey with me—not just from a writing perspective but because you have this strong unique gift of encouragement. Today, and many times talking to you or emailing with you, that confidence has been confirmed.”

Chrystal Evans Hurst, author of She's Still There 

“A tremendous THANK YOU! As busy as my life is, I simply could not have completed this 50,000 plus word project without the amazing assistance of the superbly talented writer and visionary that you are."

Rashad Jennings, Dancing With the Stars champion and NFL player, author of The If in Life

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“You’ve taken this book and championed it in many ways, from in-line edits to unexplored elements to research avenues and more. I can’t tell you enough how gifted you are in this role, Margot. So grateful to you!”

Erin Loechner, Author of Chasing Slow

"Margot!!!! This. Is. SO. Amazing. Seriously! I found myself nodding to every suggestion you made. I love this and look forward to getting started on re-shaping the story.  You’re simply amazing. What you teased out of my manuscript is so rich and you’ve really helped me to clarify my thinking."

Nona Jones, author of Success From the Inside Out

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