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Margot serves readers and equips your authors to do the same.


As an award-winning ghostwriter,

Margot serves authors by bringing their stories to life.

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“You were so easy to work with. Thank you for making every effort to understand my goals for this book and making it come to life. I am so proud of the messages and the lessons we share in Right on Track. Your open heart and warm spirit made this experience unforgettable. Can’t thank you enough.”

Sanya Richards Ross; Olympic Gold Medalist and author of Right on Track


As an experienced and speedy writer, Margot serves

you and your authors by producing content that serves readers.

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“Margot is so stinkin' awesome! Having a blast going down memory lane with her. We feel so safe and comfortable sharing. Margot makes it so easy!”

Alexa PenaVega; Actress, Wife, Mama, and author of Love is the Point


Margot serves publishers and writers as a developmental

editor and theological editor, to produce the best books.

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"I  had to reach out and personally thank you for the amazing edits you made on my book, Grit Don’t Quit. Your voice and insight is always so wonderful."

Bianca Olthoff, Author of Grit Don't Quit


Margot coaches contracted authors who are committed to writing their best books!

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What Is Author Coaching?

“The bottom line is my book would not be in this world without Margot's mind, intellectual capacity, and ability to execute. Not only is she a legend when it comes to creative ideation but she also has strengths in deadline creation, organization, and an ability to cultivate for many different types of authors. That’s rare!” 

Toni Collier, communicator, pastor, author of Brave Enough to be Broken

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