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Inspiring Audiences

When Margot visits your group—for a day-long experience or a weekend retreat—participants leave with tools to live differently. Tailoring the topic you choose around the palpable felt needs of your group, Margot inspires and equips audiences to flourish.

Ellen Van Tongeren, Trinity Upper School

"Students even a week later were telling me that your talk was the best we've had this whole year."

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You know your people.
Choose the topic that will best serve your group...

If your group is ready to do the deep work of heart-healing with God, consider…


  • The Solid Place: Offering Our Tender Places for God’s Healing

Our experiences of loss have bullied us into believing lies about who we are, who others are, and who God is. But we're liberated as we reject the lies we’ve believed and choose, instead, to claim what is most real and most true.

[Includes guided time of solitude for participants to spend, individually, with God.]



If your group is ready to dig in and practice neighbor-love right where they live, consider…

  • Small Things With Great Love: Adventures in Loving Your Neighbor

Whether it’s genuinely befriending your favorite cashier at the grocery store, or meeting the family at Saturday’s soccer game that doesn’t speak English, or inviting an unlikely neighbor to dinner, you were made to live out God’s love right where you are.  

If your group of women, or teen girls, is ready to be set free from a preoccupation with beauty and body image, consider…

  • Unsqueezed: Living Freely in the Bodies God Calls Good

Although we’ve recognized our culture’s preoccupation with an unattainable standard of physical beauty, too often we still try to squeeze ourselves into the world’s death-dealing mold. Experience real relief, transformed thinking, and new purpose!


If your group of single Christian women is ready to date well, consider…

  • Online Dating: Tips, Trials, and Staying Grounded in What’s Most True


As any woman who's tried online dating will tell you, it is rough out in these streets! So how do we faithfully navigate the world of dating today? Margot helps you stay grounded in who you really are.

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Invite Margot to Speak to Your Group...

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Audiences are Saying...

"Margot speaks and teaches from her heart and in doing so ministered to our hearts. With enthusiasm, creativity, and openness to the Spirit, Margot used her incredible gifts to make our retreat one the best we’ve experienced in over 20 years."

Mike Horne

Winston-Salem, NC
1st Pres Church Winston-Salem NC

"I am so grateful for your voice. You accomplished every goal (and wish) for the Gala and MORE, by explaining neighboring and social capital, and vulnerably sharing your story and Bridge of Hope’s story, weaving it all together beautifully.  People commented: best ever!"


Kathleen Rutt Beiler

Exton, PA
Director of Strategic Engagement, Bridge of Hope National

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