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In 2022-23 Margot is pleased to serve churches and other groups as she speaks about living from The Solid Place.

What is the Solid Place?

As a result of the loss, trauma, and suffering we’ve endured, we’ve believed lies about ourselves, about others, and about God. But when God speaks truth to our hearts, we are set free. And we flourish as we choose, daily, to live from the Solid Place.


In the person of Jesus, we hear God’s constant whisper, “I am the one who is with you and for you,” and we recognize the face that does not fail. This is the voice to listen to. This is the face to trust.

In this day-long, or weekend-long retreat, Margot invites audiences into an encounter with the One loves them.

Audiences are Saying...

"Margot speaks and teaches from her heart and in doing so ministered to our hearts. With enthusiasm, creativity, and openness to the Spirit, Margot used her incredible gifts to make our retreat one the best we’ve experienced in over 20 years."

Mike Horne

Winston-Salem, NC
1st Pres Church Winston-Salem NC

"I am so grateful for your voice. You accomplished every goal (and wish) for the Gala and MORE, by explaining neighboring and social capital, and vulnerably sharing your story and Bridge of Hope’s story, weaving it all together beautifully.  People commented: best ever!"


Kathleen Rutt Beiler

Exton, PA
Director of Strategic Engagement, Bridge of Hope National

"Wow!  I can't tell you how much we enjoyed having you in Lewisburg and as our guest at Old Stone!  We enjoyed you so much and the awesome conversations and ideas that came from the words of wisdom you shared."

Amy Brown, Lewisbug, WV
Old Stone Presbyterian Church