“Margot Starbuck is one of my favorite freelance editors. She is quick, bright, creative and a wonderful asset on every book project she’s a part of.  I have the utmost confidence in her assessment of a project and her ability to communicate what is needed – both to the author and the publisher."

Carolyn McCready, Executive Editor, Zondervan Publishers
"Seriously your feedback was super helpful. First of all it was simple. Second, it was understandable and hit the nail on the head."

Nancy Ortberg, Author of Seeing in the Dark


“A tremendous THANK YOU! As busy as my life is, I simply could not have completed this 50,000 plus word project without the amazing assistance of the superbly talented writer and visionary that you are."

Rashad Jennings, Dancing With the Stars champion and NFL Player, author of The If in Life
"I feel you captured my voice and held my heart all throughout the stories. You are amazing, I am honored that you shared your gift of writing with me and I am so grateful for how you have helped me express the many treasures God has entrusted to me.  "

Linda Znachko, author of He Knows Your Name
“Margot is one of the most gifted writers I know of anywhere. She is punctual, never missing a deadline; passionate, taking a personal interest both in the author and his material. She made writing a pure joy and I enthusiastically recommend her talents to any author looking to put out the best literary product possible.”

Dr. James Merritt, Pastor and Author

Author Coaching

"Margot!!!! This. Is. SO. Amazing. Seriously! I found myself nodding to every suggestion you made. I love this and look forward to getting started on re-shaping the story.  You’re simply amazing. What you teased out of my manuscript is so rich and you’ve really helped me to clarify my thinking. So grateful for you!"

Nona Jones, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Pastor, Executive, Author of Success From the Inside Out
“You are the exact person to be on this journey with me—not just from a writing perspective but because you have this strong unique gift of encouragement. Today, and many times talking to you or emailing with you, that confidence has been confirmed.”

Chrystal Evans Hurst, Author of She's Still There and Show Up For Your Life

Book Proposal Evaluation

"My (our) proposal, How to Preach Life-Changing Sermons, will be published with Kregel Academic early 2022. Thank you sooooooooooooooooo (I could keep going with the o's) for helping me. You blessed me with your gift, and I am praying (my family too) that God will continue to bless you."

Dr. Jesse L. Nelson, Pastor and author of How to Preach Life-Changing Sermons

"I wanted you to be among the first to know that I am about to sign a 2-book contract with Thomas Nelson! I truly believe that God used you and your wisdom during the proposal process to make this happen. Several elements of the proposal that allowed them to catch the vision were things that you helped to shape. I'm so blessed by you and no words seem quite right when it comes to how grateful I am that our paths crossed."

Nicole Zasowski, Author and Therapist

Prasanta Verma

Writing Teacher

"Thank you for your book proposal workshop at Festival of Faith and Writing this Spring.  I was the one who said I might never write a book proposal but was just attending out of curiosity.  Guess what? Not only have I written a proposal but it was accepted and I have signed a contract....Not only was [your workshop] clear and information-rich, your warm, encouraging presentation made it seem much less scary than I had imagined.  Without your session, I doubt I would ever have attempted it at all."
Megan Hill, Author of Praying Together
"I attended your Nonfiction Book Proposal workshop at the Festival of Faith and Writing. I greatly appreciated the information that you so freely dispensed. You examples were clear, and your points straightforward. Including participants, always a risky option, really helped drive home your points. Most of all, I thank you for your wonderful spirit and enthusiasm."

Bruce Stambaugh, writer and blogger