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Serving Writers at Conferences!

Invite Margot to Teach at Your Writing Conference 

Popular Teaching Topics...

  • Crafting a Winning Nonfiction Book Proposal: 3 Things Every Publisher Needs to See to Say "Yes!"

  • Meeting the Reader’s Felt Need

  • Collaboration 101 (AKA: The Classier Way to Say “Ghost Writing”)

  • Hook Publishers With Your Irresistible Premise: 3 Things Your Book's Big Idea Must Do

  • “Show, Don’t Tell”

  • Calling All BIPOC Writers!

  • Query Letters Publishers Cannot Resist

  • Reach Readers Now: Build Your Platform in a Way That Makes Sense for Who You Are

  • Map to Publication: The Step-by-Step Journey to Publishing Your Nonfiction Book

Clients Include...

  • Calvin Festival of Faith and Writing

  • Publishing in Color

  • Compel Author Training

  • Writing for Your Life Conferences

  • Nona Jones School of Success, Author School

  • Chrystal Evans Hurst's Sister Circle Cohort

  • Emily P. Freeman's Hope Writers Podcast

  • Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writing Conference

  • Renew Writers Conference

  • Duke Divinity School's "Race, Biography, and Identity" Course

  • Project Turn's Biography Class

"Thanks so much for your wonderful seminar. Not only was it clear and information-rich, your warm, encouraging presentation made it seem much less scary than I had imagined.  Without your session, I doubt I would ever have attempted it at all."

Megan Hill, Author of Praying Together

“Margot provided excellent guidance through editing, brainstorming, and concept formation. But not only that, she became our biggest cheerleader and encourager. Her support increased the quality of our work and often brought us peace of mind about the crazy journey of becoming published.”

Cheryl Miller & Shannon Deer, authors of Business Doing Good

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