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Invite Margot

Invite Margot to Teach at Your Writing Conference 

Popular Teaching Topics...

  • Crafting a Winning Nonfiction Book Proposal: 3 Things Every Publisher Needs to See to Say "Yes!"

  • Meeting the Reader’s Felt Need

  • Collaboration 101 (AKA: The Classier Way to Say “Ghost Writing”)

  • “Show, Don’t Tell”

  • Calling All BIPOC Writers!

  • Query Letters Publishers Cannot Resist

Clients Include...

  • Calvin Festival of Faith and Writing

  • Publishing in Color

  • Compel Author Training

  • Writing for Your Life Conferences

  • Nona Jones School of Success, Author School

  • Chrystal Evans Hurst's Sister Circle Cohort

  • Emily P. Freeman's Hope Writers Podcast

  • Renew Writers Conference

  • Duke Divinity School's "Race, Biography, and Identity" Course

  • Project Turn's Biography Class

"Thanks so much for your wonderful seminar. Not only was it clear and information-rich, your warm, encouraging presentation made it seem much less scary than I had imagined.  Without your session, I doubt I would ever have attempted it at all."

Megan Hill, Author of Praying Together

Invite Margot to Speak at Your Spiritual Retreat

Popular Teaching Topics...

  • The Solid Place: Offering Our Tender Places for God’s Healing​​

  • Small Things With Great Love: Adventures in Loving Your Neighbor​​

  • Unsqueezed: Living Freely in the Bodies God Calls Good​

  • Online Dating: Tips, Trials, and Staying Grounded in What’s Most True

Clients Include...

  • Young Life Women's Weekend

  • Wheaton College Center for Applied Ethics

  • Christian Alliance for Orphans

  • Chrystal Evans Hursts's Sister Circle

  • Urban Promise Ministry Summit

  • Wild Goose Festival

  • Mothers of Preschoolers

  • Westmont College

  • Clearwater Lodge

  • Bridge of Hope

  • Tucson Journey Church

  • Samford University

  • Earlham College

  • Trinity Presbyterian, McKinney, TX

  • Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill

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