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I help contracted authors organize their ideas in order to craft a book that serves readers.

Together we will:

  • Identify the book’s target reader and her felt need

  • Clarify a compelling premise that meets that need

  • Structure book to best serve the reader, including naming a clear takeaway for the reader in each chapter

  • Map out each chapter—move by move—so that writing is easy


(Optional) I can also coach the writer during the writing process

Toni Collier,
Communicator, pastor, author of Brave Enough to be Broken

“The bottom line is my book would not be in this world without Margot's mind, intellectual capacity, and ability to execute. Not only is she a legend when it comes to creative ideation but she also has strengths in deadline creation, organization, and an ability to cultivate for many different types of authors. That’s rare!” 


"I was literally terrified before we met. I’d gone to bed convinced I couldn’t deliver what I’d committed to and woke up with my heart pounding. But when we got together, you helped me to lay out all the content and break it down in a way that made sense. I was inspired to start writing after that with a concrete plan  - now I feel so much better. I didn’t know you could help me as much as you did!”

Vaneetha Risner,
Blogger, author of Walking Through Fire


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